Pick of the Day: Digital, Cable and Satellite Television

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AL PACINO has always excelled at portraying villains - think of Michael Corleone in The Godfather cycle, or the title role in Scarface. He gets to play the ultimate baddie in Devil's Advocate (10pm Sky Premier), a dark, good- looking thriller from Taylor Hackford. Keanu Reeves takes the role of the smart young lawyer who finds himself seduced by the charms of his boss, John Milton (Pacino, right), and the big city.

Marilyn Monroe was well-versed in the art of Method acting, but even so she took her commitment to her role in Bus Stop (6pm FilmFour) to extreme lengths. When called upon to slap a cowboy suitor (Don Murray), she hit him so hard he suffered facial cuts. In Joshua Logan's romantic drama Monroe, who plays a bar room singer, turns in one of her most engaging performances.