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FILMFOUR'S "ICONS" season tonight turns its attention to father and son, Bruce and Brandon Lee. Brandon (right) stars in The Crow (11pm FilmFour), an eerie horror film from Alex Proyas about a rock star who returns from the dead to take revenge on the gang that killed him. Also starring Ernie Hudson and Michael Wincott, the movie took on a chilling notoriety when Lee died in a tragic accident during its production.

This is followed by The Big Boss (12.45am), which sees Bruce Lee, in his first starring role. In this 1971 martial-arts classic, directed by Lo Wei, he plays a man who starts work in Bangkok ice factory run by local crime boss Han Ying Chieh. However, when several of his family members disappear, Lee must break a family oath never to fight, and takes on all comers with a bit of kung-fu fighting.

James Rampton