Pick of the Day: Satellite and Cable

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THE BEAUTY of the Coen brothers' films is that you can't imagine anyone else ever making them. They are genuine originals conjuring up a marvellously enthralling offbeat world in Fargo (10.20pm Sky Premier). Frances McDormand well merited her Best Actress Oscar for her performance as Marje, a heavily pregnant police officer investigating the apparent kidnap of a local car salesman's (William H Macy) wife. In fact, the debt- ridden salesman has hired two dim-witted thugs, Steve Buscemi (right) and Peter Stormare, to abduct his wife, in the hope of keeping the ransom. This is a gloriously idiosyncratic film, full of strange goings-on in rural snow-covered Minnesota.

To celebrate St Patrick's Day, VH-1 is broadcasting a day of Irish music. Look out for Ten of the Best from the Corrs (midday and 8pm).