Pick of the Day: Satellite and Cable

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BLUE SKY (8pm FilmFour), Tony Richardson's (Tom Jones) last film, was not a box-office smash, but it showcases two marvellous performances. Jessica Lange (right) has always impressed as women on the verge of a nervous breakdown (cf Frances). She picked up an unexpected, yet well-merited Best Actress Oscar, as the wife of a military man (the equally good Tommy Lee Jones). When he is sent away on duty, she embarks on an ill-advised affair with another officer (Powers Booth).

The qualification process for the European Championships in the Low Countries next year is really hotting up. A lot is riding on tonight's game, Scotland vs Czech Republic (7pm Sky Sports 1). The Scottish manager, Craig Brown, will be hoping that the rejuvenated Gary McAllister marshalls the team with his usual sense of authority.