Poetic Licence: A Patient Writes

A debate is currently raging over the strict code of ethics forbidding consensual sex between doctors and patients. Why don't they ask the patients?
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Doctors reek of glamour

Doctors ooze allure

Should they shtup their patients?

Why not? Sure!

Doctors must get lonely

Look how hard they work

Amorous encounters

Are their only perk.

Help your doctor help you

Lie down on the floor

Sigh: "Oh, God, I love you

More. More. More."

Ring the BMA up

That's the thing to do

Say your doctor's knackered

Then they send you two.

If a doctor calls you

Asks you how you are

Then proposes meeting

Later in a bar

Don't be sanctimonious

Change and comb your hair

Long as it's consensual

Nobody should care

Why do all these killjoys

Hurry to condemn?

It's because the doctor

Doesn't fancy them

Do the patients want it?

Yes, of course we do!

Only thing that stalls us

Is the endless queue.