Pop: Five Dance Trips

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Black Star Liner Launching their fine new album of Euro-Asian sounds (See album reviews, page 42).

Brighton Honey Club (0900 344444) tomorrow; Jazz Cafe London NW (07- 344 0044) Mon; Princess Charlotte, Leicester (062 553956) Tue; The Varsity, Wolverhampton (0902 766) Thur

Faithless One of the country's best live dance acts.

Rock City, Nottingham (059 2922) Tue; Uni, Bristol Uni (079 299008) Wed; Pyramids, Portsmouth (0705 358608) Fri

UNKLE Scratch Perverts may transform boring album.

Delakota, Idlewild, Llama Farmers add support. UEA, Norwich (0603 50540)tonight; Astoria, London W (07-434 0403) tomorrow

Temple of Sound Big beats given a cosmopolitan twist.

The Pressure Point, Brighton (0273 702333) Mon

Rodney P Ex-London Posse rapper does a live set.

Pussyfoot @ Mass, London SW2 (07-738 5255) Fri