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In a bizarre ceremony involving a mix of prayer and reggae music, Sinead O'Connor has been ordained as a Catholic priest at the breakaway Latin Tridentine church in Lourdes, France. She has also apologised for ripping up a picture of the Pope.

Kangaroo Loose in Top Paddock

Those people whom the gods dislike

They first give record deals to

To tap the lunacy at source

A monstrous ego helps of course

To summon up the kangaroo

Where simple talent just won't do

Boing boing, boingy-boing

"Oh Daddy - you're not watching me!"

The kangaroo's all sympathy

What huge conceit there needs to be

To take the world on piece by piece

Armed only with your press release

The earlier pop stars, mostly men

Who courted madness now and then

Were smiled on when they trashed their flats

And crashed their planes or murdered bats

Now things being equal, women too

Get visits from the kangaroo

We whom the gods do not make stars

Must stand in streets and shout at cars,

A tortured background's not enough

But wealth or fame are perfect stuff

Since then they send a camera crew

To interview the kangaroo

Boing boing, boingy-boing

Over the field and through the gate

Across the threshold up the hall

The kangaroo has come to call

And as he has arrived at least

One may as well dress up as priest

What church is that she advocates?

St Barking of the Missing Slates?

Of course. It's just across the way

We wibble while we kneel to pray

Commend to us those things we lack

Until the doctors take us back