Pop: Lyric Sheets

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Blur's new single, `Beetlebum', is released on Monday. Another Essex man pays tribute...

The Return of Blur

Sporting gents of north-east Essex

Smoking in the sixth-form bogs

Opted for the art school round trip

Reykjavik via Romford Dogs

Classic pop as made in England

Brecht and Weill in key of E

Kinks meet early XTC as


Goes to Leigh-on-Sea

Biggest thing to rise in Essex

After Level 42

Chauffeured here in God's Cortina

Basildon via Bahnhoff Zoo

Camulodunum* to Camden

Harder than it looks somehow

Then a break to make a video

With that chap who chopped the cow

After months of tactful silence

We resume our Essex saga

Good Luck Boys. Call in some weekend

Sod Oasis. Mine's a lager

*The Roman name for Colchester