Pop Lyric sheets: A Hard Night's DIY

Gadzooks, the Pre-fab Four are back. A new Rutles album, `Archaeology', is due out later this month...
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Dirk, Stig, Barry and Nasty

I knew the songs, followed the van

Like four pied pipers - but from Rutland

They changed my life. I was a fan

Jean Paul Sartre and Ringo

Pop songs for the thinking man

It's 20 years ago and some

Since Rutter taught the band to hum

And Dirk admitted drinking tea

He WAS The Rutles then, to me

He's older now with oyster eyes

I heard his wife is making pies

But though the songs will still remain

We may not see their like again


All helped to bring it back to me

They caught the zeitgeist, told the truth

Check out the songs and mourn your youth