Pop: The five best gigs

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Morcheeba Thur

South London's maverick beats trio sets out on a short UK tour. See Going Out, page 2.

Waterfront Norwich (0603 50540)


Goldie Thur

The sole live gig this year by the Metalheadz chief should be a frenzied and mobbed-out affair.

Heaven, London WC2 (07-930 2020)


Air Mon, Tue

The debut UK tour of the ambient French duo promises many surprises.

Theatre Royal, London WC2 (07-494 5000)


Ash Sat, Sun, Mon

Popular demand has extended this London visit to a three-night stand for the eager-to-go four piece promoting their loud Nu-Clear Sounds album.

Forum, London NW5 (07-344 0044)


PM Dawn Thur

It's been three years since anything has been heard of the blissful warblers, but they're back on good form with a new album, Dearest Christian...

Sound Republic, London W (07-287 00)