Preview: Theatre - Rose Theatre

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"They've discovered the Rose Theatre. Want to have a look?" Stupid question. Back in 1989, no one but Shakespeare scholars knew the precise location of Philip Henslowe's 1587 theatre, home to some of Marlowe's greatest plays. Being the first person - aside from archeologists and Ian McKellen (left) - to stand on the site since the theatre was demolished in 1606 was an extraordinary experience. We even found a clay pipe from Elizabethan days. An campaign was set up to save the site. Alas, an office block put paid to that, but their plans were changed to allow the remains to be preserved. On Wednesday, a sound and light exhibition (narrated by McKellen) opens on the site, to illuminate both the archeological remains and the Rose's invaluable place in theatre history.

Rose Theatre, 56 Park St, London SE1 (0171-207 6280)