QUIZ OF THE YEAR: As 1993 moves into the final lap, Rosanna de Lisle tests just how memorable its events have been. Answers can be found on page 92

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Which A made a hasty departure having splashed out on interior decoration?

Which B was finally obliged to join the staff of the corporation he had headed since 1992?

Which couple of Cs found their pillow talk faxed to offices around the world from Australia?

Which D found himself in the dock after a date and called an eminent historian to his defence?

What E had a bumpy ride through its first year of business?

Which distinctive F emerged in Morocco with sore feet?

Which G couldn't keep a grip of its responsibilities?

Which H was replaced by a tub of lard on a quiz show?

Which I almost died for the third time?

Which J collapsed and disappeared after allegations of serious misbehaviour and too many pills?

Which K said he didn't want to be in charge of England?

Which cat-loving L wanted cheering up?

Which M caused a furore by appearing in an old vest?

What former stronghold, N, let the Government down in May?

What provocative O fanned the flames of sex-war?

Which P was denied a pink and green tie?

Which Q was prematurely mourned?

Which R gave a top-secret press conference?

Which S tucked in and stuck up for an old friend?

Who was dubbed a T and finally threw in the towel?

Which U played the king and brought the lot of them down?

What V made an unusual offer to Nelson Mandela?

Which censorious W announced her retirement at the age of 83?

Which X was a commercial hit more than a quarter century after his death?

Which Y was disbarred from a UN job?

Which Z will be remembered for calling his children Moon Unit and Dweezil?


1 Which adaptation led the author of the original into a libel suit?

2 Who played a man and a woman and never died?

3 'A disaster.' Who said this about the film in which he played a politician?

4 In what story was a mathematician dressed in black proved right?

5 Which adaptations provoked the Daily Mail headline 'Why do the Redgraves insist on taking their clothes off?'?

6 Which TV story featured rhinoceroses in a swimming pool?

7 Which Japanese-Polish-Indian-American production caught the quintessence of Englishness?

8 What adaptation featured the blackmailing of a transsexual?

9 Which fantasy began its life in the New Yorker?

10 Who created Rupert Campbell-Black?


1 Who shared an honour with a man he released from prison?

2 Whose work was judged too big for a place on a short-list?

3 Which group proclaimed itself arbiter of contemporary taste and made a less than flattering art award?

4 Which city won a prize for the Millennium?

5 Which prize went to a writer with a day-job?

6 Which 'Best Actor' presented an equivalent tribute to his former and future co-star?

7 Which TV comedy show won the same award two years running?

8 Which group gave away the prize money won by its first album?

9 Which London show was awarded Best Musical despite having closed?

10 'I trembled to meet you, and was always fumble- fingered. The unopened cases went on the floor, we stood by the bed clinging to each other as if we had just been saved from drowning. The force of your own need and desire is something you cannot deny and I believe it could not have been faked. We twisted and tugged desperately at each other's buttons and zips . . .' Who wrote these lines, and what uncovetable award did they win?


1 Who wears a furry hat and was hailed as 'the biggest pop star of our time'?

2 Which seminal 60s band re-formed to play at Wembley?

3 Who wore shaving cream for a photo shoot?

4 'We get paid too much money. I don't deserve it, but I'm damned if anyone's going to take it off me.' Who said this, and how did he prove he meant it?

5 Who re-released a song as a political protest, and why?

6 Who are the Glimmer Twins and how did they score a joint century this year?

7 Which vocal duo sang together 17 years after their first duet was a No 1 hit?

8 Which glam-rocker turned his hand to catering?

9 'I think he is a genius.' Who attracted this royal compliment?

10 Which song went to No 1, nine years after it was first a hit and long after the group had disbanded, and why?


1 Harvey Keitel appeared in five films released this year. What were they?

2 Which Harvard man stole a summer hit by not caring whether his man was guilty?

3 'I came to love him like a son. I was proud to watch him grow into a man of talent, integrity and compassion.' Which leading man paid this tribute to another?

4 Which blockbuster wanted to be an affair to remember?

5 'He had no friends - only acolytes and sycophants.' Who was so described by his biographer?

6 Who played two Sixties wives, one demure and devout, the other raunchy and battered?

7 Who played Mephistopheles in Las Vegas?

8 Who lost an arm and a leg by refusing to lose an arm and a leg?

9 'I'm probably the most successful actor in the history of the movies, financially speaking.' Said who?

10 Who will be remembered for humanity in Africa, breakfast in New York, dinner in London and a vacation in Rome?


1 Who hired a former model as his secretary?

2 'Je ne regrette rien,' he said, but then he lost his job, chauffeur and two houses. Who was he?

3 Who ducked an axe hurled at him by his wife?

4 Who advised: 'Don't let the buggers get you down'?

5 Who made a meal of leaving the Church of England?

6 Which two Tory shoppers got sneak previews at a high street store?

7 Which minister's personal life was revealed to be as congested as the subject of his brief?

8 'Why does such a wimp like me keep on winning?' Who put this question to whom?

9 Who collapsed while staying at one of the world's grandest hotels?

10 Which aristo quit his local Conservative Association, and why?


1 1993 was the year of the political memoir. Who remembered what about whom?

a 'Not a team player and certainly not a team captain.'

b 'He would not be remembered for his staunchness as Chancellor, for his skilful diplomacy as Foreign Secretary, but for (his) final act of bile and treachery.'

c 'He was one of the party's most brilliant and persuasive debaters. No one could doubt his intellect or grasp of ideas. Unfortunately, he was as sensitive and highly strung as he was eloquent.'

d 'He was relatively untested and his tendency to accept the conventional wisdom had given me pause for thought.'

e 'Dear good kind sweet Lady.'

f 'She was not wearing a bra, and her delightful globes bounced prominently.'

g 'That podgy life-insurance risk.'

2 And the sequel. From what new books are these extracts and which classics do they continue?

a 'You make me happy with your request, sweetest, loveliest Eliza,' said *****, twinkling down at her as if the thought of a whole basket of Bennets came as nothing but a pleasant surprise to him. 'I am happy to see Jane; I shall have a good few games of backgammon with Bingley; and, as for Miss Bingley, I think she cannot hold a candle to you, Lizzy.'

b 'I fear the worst, the very worst]' said the Otter in an anguished voice. 'I should have watched over him] I should have thought] Over-wrought by Mole's passing, troubled by nightmares and dark thoughts, there can be no doubt that he has gone back to the river - '

'Well, at least he can swim]' said Nephew practically. 'I think we should follow him as fast as we can]'

'That's sensible]' said the Otter, brought back a little way towards reality. 'That's intelligent] That's Mole- like] That's what we'll do.'

c As she crossed the room towards the bell and the outer door, and I followed her, she paused and without looking at me now, said, 'He should confess. That will be the best way of all. It is what she wants you know, to have it out in the open and dealt with at last. Then it will be over. She will not let me rest until then, you see. It is what I am for now, all I live for. But you know that don't you? You understand.'

3 Fallen Icons: new biographies of the following brought their private lives out of the closet. Who were they and what were their secrets?

a A British poet.

b A romantic novelist.

c The creator of the FBI.

d The architect of the BBC.

e A legendary film-maker.


1 Which event was interrupted by a parachutist?

2 What happened to Graham Gooch that had only ever happened to four Test batsmen before him?

3 How did Keith Brown earn himself a place in racing history?

4 Who finished second in the World Athletics

Championships 400m hurdles?

5 What happened after:

a 9 seconds?

b 9.87 seconds?

c 26 years?

6 In which Grand Prix did Damon Hill register his first victory?

7 Of the 20 games he played against Gary Kasparov for the World Chess Championship, how many did Nigel Short win?

8 Which team was 3-0 up in a European Cup match and lost 5-3?

9 Which British player reached the last 16 in the Men's Singles at Wimbledon?

10 Which cricketer made his final first-class appearance in a Test match?


1 'This case is not about money. It is about restraint of trade.' Who wanted freedom from a contract?

2 Whose legal action threatened to put two magazines out of business, and why had he taken it?

3 Which government minister, responsible for 'open government', was told by a QC, 'I didn't think you meant what you were saying', and where did it happen?

4 Which British company won pounds 610,000 compensation from a devious competitor?

5 'The single most worthwhile thing done in my life . . . was to admit that I had a problem with food, drugs and alcohol.' Why then did this person sue a newspaper for running a story about his eating habits?

6 'If I told you I had an absolutely legal scam, which didn't hurt anyone and which would make you a million pounds, wouldn't you say 'yes'?' Who said this, and what was the hitch?

7 Whose case featured 'highland cuffs' and with what had he been charged?

8 Who threatened to sue the Sun for breaking an embargo on a speech?

9 Who claimed she had been wrongfully arrested and humiliated by officials at Heathrow?

10 Who was sacked by his boss, failed to get reinstated through the courts, and then tried to buy out the boss?


Who did what with the magazine?

a Took pounds 100,000 as a wedding present in return for exclusive photographs of the event?

b Provided its first real royal wedding bonanza?

c Accepted a free holiday to Mauritius and took her brother along?

d Used a six-page spread to deny that they were 'spongers' whose childcare arrangements were costing taxpayers pounds 104,000 a year?

e Woke up to find Hello] in her bed, and at her side all day?

f Wrote her memoirs for Hello], saying: 'I am not here to defend my daughter, but . . . people seem to only see her defects and not her virtues, people seem to like bad news more than good.'?

g Accepted a reputed pounds 75,000 for giving an interview from prison?


Above is a selection of 40 public figures (omitted): half of them people, half of them salaries. At the moment, the people and the salaries don't match. Your challenge is to sort them out, until each remuneration package is matched to the right face. For example, you might decide that person 1 earns salary (s), person 2 earns salary (p), and so on. Award yourself extra points if you can identify each person correctly. Some of the figures quoted are approximate, and in some cases the use of the word 'salary' is more strictly appropriate than in others. However, the figures are certainly a good indication of how much some of the people who made headlines in 1993 have been taking home in their pay packets. Turn to page 92 for full details of who's who and who earns what.

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