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"All the attention comes with the job of a tennis player. I can't help it."

Anna Kournikova, (above) tennis star, who says it's her game, not her looks, that draws the crowds

"I felt what the President did, especially as a parent, was inexcusable."

Al Gore, US Vice President

"I will write a love poem for Sophie and Edward. If I can't write about that, I'm not much of a poet."

Andrew Motion, the Poet Laureate

"We always say we'll never break up. We talk about going on stage with our Zimmer frames."

Spice Girl Emma Bunton (Baby Spice)

"Tony Blair and I were discussing which of us has the hardest job. We both agreed that I do."

William Hague, Opposition leader

"People kept asking if I was going to do a biography of Tony Blair, but I wanted to write about a serious politician."

Paul Routledge, political biographer