Quotes of the Week

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"I find homosexuality as unappetising as eating cardboard."

Peter Lilley, former Tory Social Security Secretary (above)

"My mother was always warning me to be careful of theatrical types and never to turn my back."

Michael Crawford, actor, singer and, dancer

"I am a great believer in beauty treatments."

Frank Bruno, former world champion boxer, who admits to having facials

"Since Rod Stewart and his wife split up, I'm scared to wear a short skirt and heels in case he comes after me."

Kathy Burke,


"It used to be the kids that kept me awake at night... now it's the job."

Tony Blair, Prime Minister

"You can't switch on peace like a light."

Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlam

"All the simple joys of life are disappearing"

Iggy Pop, veteran rocker