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"Let's not forget that I was one of the most popular and successful disc jockeys of all time."

Noel Edmonds (above), TV presenter

"The ramblers are just a bunch of the dirty mac brigade. The great unwashed. They're disgusting creatures."

Nicholas Van Hoogstraten,

property tycoon

"Most scientists are quite ordinary, and their lives unremarkable. But occasionally they exemplify the link between genius and madness."

Sir Martin Rees,

the Astronomer


"It really is quite an appalling travesty of the truth to suggest that our Government is run by a group of paranoid control freaks who make the Emperor Nero seem like a modest family-loving member of the Salvation Army."

Jerry Hayes,

ex-Tory MP

"Pinochet has earned the right to be called the most evil man now alive on earth (sorry, Saddam)." Salman Rushdie