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"There was a madman in our local supermarket a few days ago, screaming and lashing out and throwing things. I don't know if it's given me any ideas, though. You never really know until later."

Ruth Rendell, novelist

"If we lose this ballot, we could be out of office

for a generation."

William Hague, on the Tory Party euro referendum

"I don't subscribe to the theory that people are affected by screen violence. This is said by politicians to throw their responsibility on to another section of the community."

Mel Gibson, actor

"It appeared to be a case of gross injustice that while regular government employees were entitled to such benefits, the same were being denied to elephants."

Raghuvir Singh, announcing that the working

elephants in Uttar Pradesh were allowed to mate

"I'm quite happy in the background.

We can't all be superstars."

Cathy Ferguson, wife of Manchester United's manager