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It's lovely lullaby. The baby just will not sleep, until the very end, when sleep comes and there's a little Ah!

Ian Partridge

100 Great Singers (R3)

The Bedouin of the Sinai are grateful to God and to the wind for about one inch of water a year.

Itchy Feet (R4)

Republicans have this wonderful capacity of shooting themselves in the foot - while that foot is still in the mouth.

P J O'Rourke

Steve Wright's Saturday Show (R2)

Two famous Pie Jesus in one free concert: got to be good business.

Trail/advertisement (Classic FM)

The worst present I ever received was J-cloths sewn together to make decorative knickers which, when unpicked, became J-cloths.

The Now Show (R4)

Mine was a Corby trouser-press. I thought the box was going to contain Scalectrix.


In Norway, if you stay on at your office after 5 o'clock you're perceived to be an inefficient worker.

Outlook (WS)

My final Sylphides brought the house down. And some flats and a car park as well.

Kit and the Widow Voices (R3)

I've brought a sod with me in a bag and I'd like to know the easiest way of getting rid of it.


Gardeners' Question Time (R4)