Review: Ed Byrne

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Review: Ed Byrne

Ed Byrne has all the attributes to upgrade to the big time: he's cute, he's not from London and he's developed a winning anti-heckle formula - "You're always worried there's going to be one drunken arse who's going to give you hell all night ... but if you are that one drunken arse, there's no problem."

A year ago, Byrne appeared with the Irish talent showcase Young, Gifted and Green, and now here he is gliding effortlessly into a full-hour slot, front ranking for this year's Perrier newcomer title. On a roll since storming Jonathan Ross's Big Big Talent Show the other week, Byrne gives off an air of upbeat assuredness beyond his experience. See him if only for his devastating deconstruction of Alanis Morisette's cringe-making lyrics. Dylan Moran apart, Ireland has not produced a stand up of such promise since Sean Hughes.

Gilded Balloon. To 31 Aug