Royal Society of Edinburgh

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The following have been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Honorary Fellows: Wallace S Broecker, Newberry Professor of Geology, Columbia University, USA; Sir Aaron Klug, OM, President, Royal Society, London; James Dewey Watson, President, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York, USA.

Ordinary Fellows: Patrick Dawson Bailey, Chair of Organic Chemistry, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh; Robert John Bartlett, Bishop Wardlaw Professor of Medieval History, St Andrews University; John Richard Broome, Professor of Philosophy, St Andrews University; Susanne Moira Brown, Professor of Neurovirology, Glasgow University, Institute of Neurological Sciences, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow; David Murray Bryant, Professor of Biology, Department of Biological and Molecular Sciences, Stirling University; (Anthony) John Clark, Head of Division of Molecular Biology, Roslin Institute.

Eric McCredie Clive, Scottish Law Commissioner, Scottish Law Commission, Edinburgh; Forrester Cockburn, Emeritus Professor of Child Health and Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Department of Child Health, Glasgow University, Royal Hospital for Sick Children,Yorkhill; Robert Crawford, Professor of English, St Andrews University; Sir Alfred Cuschieri, Professor of Surgery, Dundee University; Paul Dukes, Professor of History, Centre for Russian, East and Central European Studies, King's College, Aberdeen University; Richard Michael Elliott, Professor of Molecular Virology, Institute of Virology, Glasgow University; Ian Ford, Professor of Statistics, Director of Robertson Centre for Biostatistics, Glasgow University; David Fowler, Section Leader (Individual Merit Promotion, Unified Grade 6), NERC Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Edinburgh Research Station; Lawrence Gordon Graham, Regius Professor of Moral Philosophy, Aberdeen University; Michael John Grimble, Professor of Industrial Systems, Strathclyde University; Peter Henry Holmes, Professor of Veterinary Physiology and Vice Principal for Research, Glasgow University; Julian David Clayton Jones, Professor of Engineering Optics, Department of Physics, Heriot-Watt University.

Mark Ellis Powell Jones, (Professor), Director, National Museums of Scotland, Royal Museum of Scotland; Rodney Alistair Kempton, Director, Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland, (Scottish Office Agriculture, Environment & Fisheries Department), Edinburgh University; Derek George Law, Director of Information Strategy and Librarian, Strathclyde University; Karl Alexander Linklater, Principal and Chief Executive, Scottish Agricultural College, Edinburgh; Kwok Lun Lo, Professor of Power Systems, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Strathclyde University; Adam Clark McBride, Professor, Department of Mathematics, Strathclyde University.

Charles Alexander McKean, Professor of Architectural History, Department of History, Dundee University; Duncan Maclennan, Mactaggart Professor of Land Economics and Finance, Department of Urban Studies, Glasgow University; Sir David (Kean) Mason, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Glasgow Dental Hospital and School, Glasgow University; William Lockley Miller, Edward Caird Professor of Politics, Glasgow University; Janet Morgan, (Lady Balfour of Burleigh), Writer, Consultant and Company Director, Edinburgh; Kenneth

Joseph Peach, Personal Chair in Particle Physics Experiments, Edinburgh University, currently Director, Particle Physics, Central Laboratory for the Research Councils, Chilton, Didcot, Oxfordshire (on leave from Department of Physics and Astronomy, Edinburgh University); David Ian Perrett, Professor, School of Psychology, St Andrews University; Sir William (Kennedy) Reid, Chairman, Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland, Edinburgh; Peter John Sadler, Crum Brown Professor of Chemistry, Edinburgh University; Roger Antony Scrutton, Reader and Head of Department of Geology and Geophysics, Edinburgh University; Brian Austin Tate, Professor of Knowledge-Based Systems and Technical Director, Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, Edinburgh University.

Michael Barham Usher, Chief Scientist, Scottish Natural Heritage, Edinburgh; Colin Watts, Professor of Immunobiology, Dundee University; Herbert William Whittington, Professor of Electrical Power Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Edinburgh University; Gerald Robertson Wilson, Secretary, Scottish Office Education and Industry Department, Edinburgh; Thomas Michael Aubrey Wilson, Head of Virology, Scottish Crop Research Institute, Invergowrie.