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The Golden Globe Awards, Hollywood's annual prologue to the Oscars, has fewer British names this year (a dearth of recent Merchant / Ivory productions, perhaps?). And hardly any of them feature in a British film, bar Hugh Grant (Best Actor) in the inevitable Four Weddings and a Funeral, accompanied by producer Duncan Kenworthy, up for Best Picture, and Richard Curtis, nominated for Best Original Screenplay. And the other nominees are: Albert Finney and Terence Stamp, nominated for Best Actor in A Man ofNo Importance and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert respectively; Miranda Richardson for Best Actress (Tom and Viv); and Lion King team Elton John and Tim Rice for Best Original Song ("Can You Feel the Love Tonight" and "Circle of Life").

Pending permission from Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart (above) will be coming back from the grave, thanks to the computer technology brought to fruition in Forrest Gump . It's for HBO's Tales from the Crypt series and should pit Bogart against three US presidents: Nixon, Kennedy and Johnson. Given Bacall's previous remarks about the colourisation of old b/w classics, this meeting of minds looks like a long shot.

Quote of the week: "Julia Roberts. I just don't get her. There's no deep sensuality to her. She's a perky little girl. I hate perky." Camille Paglia on cinema's reigning box office queen.