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Satellite and Cable: Pick of the Day

DAVID CRONENBERG has always provoked controversy - as the furore that surrounded Crash reminded us - and revelled in shock-horror films. A double-bill of these are on show tonight. The Dead Zone (10pm FilmFour) stars Christopher Walken (right) as a man with psychic powers, while The Brood (12mdn't) has Samantha Eggar as the mother of murderous offspring.

Pete Townshend has been one of the most influential musicians of the past three decades. With The Who, he was responsible for such enduring classic singles as "My Generation" and "Pinball Wizard", as well as landmark albums and films such as Quadrophenia and Tommy. And how many young guitarists have imitated his distinctive, windmilling style (to say nothing of his characteristic GBH on the speakers)? He is the subject of tonight's Ten of the Best (10pm VH-1).