Sexual artistry

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There are two ways to regard the decline in big names bejewelling the annual Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (now in its ninth year). One is that it's been taken for granted and, rather than accumulating prestige, has settled into a rut of obscure art films, cosy, formulaic twentysomething dramas and ditsy comedies. The other, more generous slant, is that, with high profile gay directors relatively thin on the ground, it provides perfect cultivation for new artists. This is not rosy optimism - when the vintage talent on show comes in the form of Bruce LaBruce's Super 8-and-a-half (his only previous success here was No Skin Off My Ass), you have to concede that this is not a festival which rests on its laurels.This year, it still has its share of humdrum fare but more promising highlights include the erotic drama Eclipse, about the sexual chaos leading up to a total eclipse in Toronto, and Not Angels, But Angels, a sensitive documentary about rent boys in Prague: it's all a perfect opportunity for you and your friends and family to come out in time for this June's Pride march.

Look Out! runs from 18-31 March at the NFT, South Bank SE1 (071-928 3232), tickets £4.35 and £3.15 (BFI concs: £3.95 and £2.75)