Shopping: Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey...

Six sweets you should be seen sucking this summer
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Jesmona Old Fashioned Black Bulletts, pounds 1.95, Harvey Nichols (0171 235 5000 for mail order) and Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, pounds 2.90, Bluebird (0171 559 1153 for mail order)

Old fashioned Black Striped Balls, Golden Humbugs and Bulls Eyes all by The Candy Company, pounds 2.50 each from Selfridges (0171 629 1234)

Chocolate Limes, Barley Sugars, and Pear Drops, pounds 1.95 each, Bluebird (0171 559 1153 for mail order)

English Provender Company Aniseed Balls, pounds 2.06, Bluebird (0171 559 1153 for mail order)

Bonbon Barnier, pounds 5.75, Fortnum and Mason (0171 465 8666 for mail order)

Jameson' s Raspberry Ruffles, pounds 13.50 for a 2kg jar. Trebor Bassetts supplies to independent cornershops nationwide and most will sell whole jars