six of the best buys this weekend

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1. Oliver Richon: The Hunt. pounds 2,500 (Portfolio Gallery, Edinburgh) A "still-life" of a greyhound (above) with the text: "It is now our business not to let the beast get away again".

2. David Bailey: Katherine. pounds 1,500. (Hamilton's London) Signed print.

3. Jacques-Henri Lartigue: Zissou, Rouzat, 1911. pounds 1,500 (The Photographers' Gallery, London) A portrait of the artist's brother and constant muse, Zissou.

4. Norman Mauskopf: Elstree. pounds 300 (Special Photographers Co, London). Silver gelatin print of racehorses.

5. Humphrey Spender: The Running Tap. pounds 235 (Cambridge Darkroom, Cambridge). Taken in 1939 for Picture Post.

6. Karen Inghams: Bye Bye Baby Bunting. pounds 150 (Ffoto Gallery, Cardiff). Image of a baby and a dead rat.