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25 Heddon St, London W1

(0171-434 4040). The weekend creche, which opens next month, is sponsored by Sony PlayStation and Hamley's, who will be providing toys. Children, who will be fully supervised by staff, will be offered soft drinks and food such as omelettes with Moroccan spices.

Pukkabar and Curry Hall

42 Sydenham Rd, London SE26 (0181-778 4629). Dishes from the Pukkakids menu range from pounds 2 to pounds 4.

One Lawn Terrace

Blackheath, London SE3

(0181-355 1110). The nannies and the creche are gone but they still offer a children's menu and if you have cute baby you may find it whisked away for a while by one of the managers.


21 Heddon St, London W1

(0171-255 8899).

Their new under-12's menu offers dishes such as risotto with mushrooms and peas and chicken fritters, bearnaise sauce and mash at pounds 3.50.

Le Petit Blanc (above)

71-72 Walton Street, Oxford (01865 510999) and

The Queen's Hotel

The Promenade, Cheltenham (01242 514724).

At both of Raymond Blanc's brasseries (the Cheltenham one opened in February this year) they state on their blurb that "children of any age are not just accepted they are welcome and we have created a special menu for them". The kid's menu (for example, Oxford sausage with mashed potato and onion sauce, and grilled chicken breast and fries) is pounds 5.95 for two courses and pounds 7.50 for three, although children up to 12 eat free until 8 September when two or more adults eat a la carte.


1 Pont St, London SW1

(0171-259 6166).

As well as offering a children's menu at weekends, this stylish Mediterranean restaurant off Sloane Street has set up a deal with major British film distributors to provide children with gift packs crammed with memorabilia from children's films. The gift packs are available from 15 September onwards.