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Soul Calibur

Dreamcast This is a sequel to the PlayStation smash-hit beat-'em- up Soul Blade and features some of the fastest and best-looking one-on- one combat since Virtua Fighter. With a cast of 10 different characters (although maybe not as many as we would like), each with their own weapons and fighting style, retains a lot of the superb playability that made the original so popular. This is proof that the Dreamcast hype wasn't all hot air.

Sega, out now, pounds 39.99


PlayStation Now that retro-gaming is fashionable, it was only a matter of time before someone revived one of the first ever computer games, Pong. Like the original, this is a single or multiplayer game consisting of two bats and a small ball. However, unlike its predecessor, the new Pong features 3D graphics, and some incredibly challenging new themed levels. While remaining a basic game, it's still highly addictive.

Atari, out now, pounds 29.99

Trick Style

Dreamcast This is a boarding game with a difference because players take to the streets on one of several hover-boards. As well as a basic racing mode, there are a range of challenges to help you learn the ropes, and open-ended courses on which to practice stunts. To cap it all, thanks to the clever design techniques, no track has a set solution, so players are free to explore a range of quick routes in their quest for the chequered flag.

Acclaim, out now, 39.99

Uefa Striker

Dreamcast This eagerly anticipated game is due to hit the streets in late November and boasts stunning graphics. However, as soon as you start to play you notice gaps in the gameplay, such as the ineffective tackling system and omnipresent goalkeepers who can only be beaten from point-blank range or by near-post headers. Let's just hope that the developers make improvements before its official release.

Infogrames, Nov 21, pounds 39.99