Talking monsters

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Michael Crichton's blockbusting film, Jurassic Park, used cutting-edge scientific ideas to create a fantasy about revivified dinosaurs terrorising humans. In fact, everywhere you look in popular fiction these days, stories are latching on to gene theory to create modern monsters. Is this a reflection of our fear of science, or have authors just always been ambulance-chasing doom merchants? As part of National Science Week, the Independent is organising a public debate on this very theme, entitled "Monster Myths: Are Writers Demonising the New Genetics?", in collaboration with the science arts project "Supernova" and the Wellcome Centre for Medical Science. Chair is Late Review guru Mark Lawson; speakers will include novelists Stephen Gallagher and Maureen Duffy, and Peter Goodfellow, Cambridge genetics professor.

23 Mar, Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way WC1 (cc booking: 071- 611 8442) 6.30pm £10