TEENAGE ANGST: Confused by the youth of today? Then let our panel of teenagers be your guide...

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`I am a female geography teacher and I've learnt that my clothes cause widespread mirth among the pupils. Too hippie-like, apparently. Can you offer any style tips?'

Anon, Milton Keynes

Leoni Bunch, 15: Either start wearing lots of black eyeliner and studded bracelets, or don pink and Burberry. Either way, somebody will laugh at you, so I'd say don't bother. You won't be setting a wonderful example to the students by changing the way you dress just to keep them quiet.

Max Hart-Walsh, 13: Well, if you want style tips from me, then you should wear a trilby and an ironic bling watch, but only while ice-skating. Braces should be worn at every opportunity and aviator sunglasses are always good. Then, of course, there's my fluffy catsuit, but that's only for best.

Holly Arup, 15: Tell them to shut up. You've got your own unique style, even if they haven't. You shouldn't let them choose your clothes, or dress to impress them. Wear what you want.

Jess Seldon, 17: Go to the shops, find a helpful shop assistant and buy a suit. Save the hippie clothes for your own time.

Alex Ward, 17: I recommend you don't change your appearance, because you would then, as a consequence, alter your personality under the age- old pupil's rule of teacher categorisation. It is well known that the smarter and slicker a teacher appears, the more likely they are to be authoritarian, bureaucratic slave drivers. The more hippie-like and motherly/avuncular their appearance, the more likely they are to have a relaxed attitude, and be enthusiastic and slightly eccentric yet entertaining and friendly. I think, personally, that you're dressing in the right way now.

Zenobe Reade, 17: First of all, children are mean. As a teacher you should have taken this into account and thickened your skin considerably. However, should the opinions of these judgemental and shallow people count, perhaps you should try not to look as if you've just stepped out of a charity shop.

Tom Greene, 15: Grow up woman, put on a suit.

Ellie Veryard, 15: I'm not really one to offer style tips - I tend to go for the weird stuff. But if my clothes caused widespread mirth (which I'm sure they do in some), I'd make my dress sense more extreme, just to give them something to talk about.

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