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SHORT STORIES SPECIAL (10.30pm C4) should be guaranteed a good audience tonight. Because of its 'racy' content, this week's documentary has been shifted to a late-night, post-watershed slot. For the past four years, Alan, David, Steve, Les, Matt and Tony have spent the summer together in a caravan in Newquay, Cornwall, with just one thing in mind. They are 'The Sex Hunters'. Although dedicated to 'pulling', they exhibit more interest in each other than the women they notch up. They work out - all the better to parade their perfectly honed bodies in the nightclubs. Dressed in natty threads, they eschew the fags'n'booze approach of more loutish cruisers. This film, directed and produced by women (Kim West and Jane Stephenson) makes you feel like New Man-ism never happened.

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