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TELEVISION / BRIEFING: Here is the nudes

Once upon a time, the suggestion that the Princess of Wales could be viewed as a 'trashy, sensual or slutty' sex goddess would have earned you a spell in the Bloody Tower for high treason. But in these post-Morton days it brings a half-hour slot on WITHOUT WALLS (9.30pm C4) - followed by a lot of earache from the tabloids and backbench MPs. In support of her thesis, American feminist Camille Paglia likens the princess to everyone from Rapunzel to a silent movie star. She reckons we Brits are loth to think of our Royal Family as having bodies at all. As Anthony Holden puts it: 'We all know that the Queen never goes to the lavatory.' Paglia goes on to show the notorious drawings of Diana unclothed - a guaranteed ratings- grabber if ever there was. The programme will be deemed offensive in some quarters, but can we really take seriously someone who comes out with such lines as 'the tabloid press serve the purpose of epic in early Greece'?

SECRET NATURE (8.30pm BBC2) is a seven-part series trawling the wildlife of the English Channel. Despite being one of the world's busiest shipping lanes, this relatively narrow stretch of water also boasts lagoons and sub-tropical islands worthy of more exotic locations. Film-maker Andrew Cooper centres his series on the western approaches.

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