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Eleanor Stephens, sex psychologist and executive producer of The Love Weekend (C4 Fri, Sat, Sun) on The Good Sex Guide (Mon ITV): 'Sex Talk, which I produced three years ago, encouraged people to talk about sex and I'm delighted to see the subject still being tackled in The Good Sex Guide. I've enjoyed their humorous approach but I think it's a bit thin on information and it does verge on the coy. Actually, The Good Sex Guide has been completely overtaken by The Lovers' Guide and other such sell-through videos. The Lovers' Guide is weak on safe sex education, but it has been extremely informative, it's absolutely frank and holds nothing back. Anything that encourages the viewer to talk to their partner about sex is good. Despite my reservations about The Good Sex Guide, if it's taught one man where the clitoris is then it's done well.'

On Valentine viewing: 'Sex is an important part of love, and therefore Channel 4's The Love Weekend has tried to cover the full range between chocolate boxes and condoms. I notice that BBC2's A Night of Love (Sat) has taken a more traditional view of love with a more conventional output.'

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