TELEVISION / Prisoner Competition

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'YOU ARE Number Six.' 'I am not a number, I am a free man.' Thus began The Prisoner, the Sixties series in which an ex-secret agent (Patrick McGoohan) was trapped in a place known only as The Village, with little to sustain him apart from a generous supply of black polo necks. A generation later, the series remains such a cult that it has its own appreciation society.

To mark The Prisoner's 25th anniversary, ITC has produced a set of five tapes, which retails at pounds 58.99. Running for 14 hours, it includes such rare footage as the alternative 'Chimes of Big Ben' which has a different opening sequence from the original, and also shows the 'missing' scene where McGoohan is trying to plot the position of The Village by reference to the stars. To win the set, send your answers to the questions below on a postcard to Prisoner, Arts Desk, Independent on Sunday, 40 City Rd, London EC1Y 2DB, by Monday, 11 January.

1. Which of these is not the title of an episode of The Prisoner? 'It's Your Funeral', 'Dance of the Living', 'Hammer into Anvil'.

2. Who (in real life) designed The Village?

Usual competition rules apply and the editor's decision is final.