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Headline-grabber of the week was GMTV presenter Fiona Armstrong who, it was revealed, had to be given smiling lessons and was told by one executive 'to put a coat-hanger in her gob'. The Daily Mirror led the charge, nicknaming her Miss Glum and offering prizes to readers if they sent in funny stories that would bring a smile to her breakfast face. Armstrong, however, could not win: stories followed which pinpointed her new hairstyle and short skirts and warned her of falling for the 'Fanciability Factor'.

Elsewhere, Neighbours' long- standing fixture Jim Robinson (Alan Dale) announced his departure, Jason Priestley considered real-life marriage to one of his Beverly Hills 90210 girlfriends and Rod Hull won the Pipesmoker of the Year award.

Headline of the Week: 'Is Terry as thick as a brick?' The story questioned the intelligence of The Word's Terry Christian who was mimicked by Rory Bremner and, in reply, challenged him to a general knowledge quiz.

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