TELEVISION / Transatlantic transformations

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British television programmes that have gone American and vice versa.

Till Death Us Do Part became All in the Family, Alf Garnett turning into Archie Bunker (Germany oddly called its version One Heart and One Soul). Upstairs Downstairs went to Boston as Beacon Hill. Their Who's the Boss and The Golden Girls became our The Upper Hand and the forthcoming Brighton Belles. Steptoe and Son kept its rag-and-bone background but was known in the US as Sanford and Son: Harold and Albert were black. Dear John remained Dear John on both sides of the Atlantic. As did This Is Your Life, The Price Is Right and Wheel of Fortune, all American inventions. And, of course, as everyone knows, Westminster Live became The Untouchables.

Sequels/Spin-offs That Time Forgot: Bewitched begat the teen witch adventures of Tabitha. M*A*S*H spat out Aftermash, a ratings disaster. The jury's still out on Golden Girls sequel Golden Palace.

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