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Barbra Streisand - The Concert Thrill as Barbra reads lyrics off autocues, struggles with her intonation and forgets how to spell "Barbara'' properly. At least you're not paying £200 a seat, but frankly it ain't worth a bean. Sat 8.25-10.10pm BBC1

Clive James on 1994 Ol' potato-head condescends to the masses once more, offering a "witty insight'' into the past year's events. Clive James is in the picture dictionary under "oleaginous''. Sat 10.30pm-12.05am BBC1

Ffyona Campbell's Longest Walk Surely that's not the longest walk you can think of, Campbell. How about an unassisted space walk to Mars? Or even just a long walk off a short plank. And don't take a camera crew next time. An hour of the Ffyona saga, as if we weren't sick of the girl already. Tue 9.30-10.30pm BBC2