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IN A VARIED career, Mark Little has taken in everything from playing Joe Mangel in Neighbours to hosting The Big Breakfast. Perhaps his greatest love, however, is stand-up comedy. He creates a wonderful rapport with audiences and is not afraid to be labelled with the unfashionable tag of "political". "If it's passe, then okay, call me passe," he says. "One has to be political. Life is political. If someone is brave enough to talk about the politics or the environment on stage, people say, `Oh God, no.' But if we don't do something about it, we're stuffed. Someone has to put up an alternative." He is part of the Newcastle Comedy Festival tonight.

Playhouse, Newcastle (0191-230 5151) 8pm

Jimeoin, an Irish comedian who is huge in Australia, makes his first appearance in this country for some time. Expect inspired ramblings. Cochrane Theatre, London WC1 (0171-242 7040) 8pm