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JOHNNY VEGAS has recorded a "special" for Channel 4 to be broadcast over Christmas. It will be interesting to see whether it manages to capture any of the electricity of his live performances. Described by Steve Coogan, no less, as "the finest comic of the next generation", Vegas is simply compelling in the role of a failed entertainer who has found his creative salvation in pottery. The sight of this man-mountain railing at the injustices the world has dealt him, before acquiring inner calm at the potter's wheel, is bizarrely charismatic. Catch this unique act at the Newcastle Comedy Festival.

Hyena Cafe, Newcastle (0191-232 6030) 7.30pm

Cheeky chappie Frank Skinner (right) makes a low-key appearance tonight, road-testing material for his new TV series. A word of warning: he tends to be much bluer live than he is allowed to be on telly.

Riverside Studios, London W6 (0181-237 1111) 7.30pm