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The Independent Recommends: Film

THE LAND GIRLS were the volunteers who took on the farm work left by men dispatched to fight in the Second World War. David Leland's sweet-natured film, The Land Girls (left), focuses on three of them - the highly-sexed Prue (Anna Friel), the prim Ag (Rachel Weisz) and Stella (Catherine McCormack), who is pining for her officer fiance. Steven Mackintosh plays the young farmer who becomes the focus of the trio's desires. There isn't much for him to do but look variously furtive and wounded. Like everyone involved, he brings a dash of wit to an enterprise which might otherwise have had no reason to exist.

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What's the connection between Elizabeth and the comic gangster movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels? Both feature footballers in supporting roles. Blink and you'll miss Eric Cantona in the former, but Vinnie Jones is the best thing about the latter - an oddly tender hard-nut.

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