The Information On: Geri Halliwell's `Schizophonic'

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What Is It?

The first solo album from the artist formerly known as Ginger (right) - ex-Spice Girl, UN Ambassador, and chanteuse by appointment to the Prince of Wales.

Who's Is Listening?

A lot of nine-year-olds. Plus, presumably, her former workmates, on the lookout for any cattiness, and a pointer or two for their own solo careers.

What They Say About It

"Thanks to her producers, Paul Wilson and Andy Watkins, Schizophonic is considerably more sophisticated and more obviously packed with hits than either of the Spice Girls' albums. [But] the best that can be said for her horribly weak voice is that it might pass muster if four other women were singing along," Nicholas Barber, The Independent on Sunday.

"For such a strong-willed, hearty - not to mention wealthy - lass, she doesn't half whinge. There's little here to interest those not already fascinated by the Ginger personality," Andy Gill, The Independent.

"On the evidence of this flawed but feisty collection, it will be longer than many people have predicted before she allows herself to be written out of the script," David Sinclair, The Times.

Where You Can Get It

From all good music stores. Schizophonic is on release from EMI