The Information on `I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change'

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What Is It?

An off-Broadway musical revue, centred around the theme of sex and dating, by Joe Dipietro and Jimmy Roberts. A box-office hit in America, it has not been so warmly received here.

Who's In It?

Joel Bishoff's production features a talented quartet of British actors/singers: Clive Carter, Shona Lindsay, Gillian Kirkpatrick, and Russell Wilcox (right) who haven't come in for the same criticism that has been levelled at the show.

What They Say About It

"If the piece has any positive effect, it's to increase one's admiration for Stephen Sondheim, who was in advance of this material 30 years ago... if you're expecting a...witty pinning-down of love's neurotic perversities, forget it. Indeed, you begin to wonder whether a show like Company was merely a figment of your imagination as you listen to such a run-of-the- mill, panic-before-nuptials number as "Wedding Vows", " Paul Taylor, The Independent.

"Remember revue? A witty collection of songs and sketches on diverse themes. I kept wanly recalling it's heyday as I watched this dismal off- Broadway import... a more succinct title... might be Bed and Bored. The great mystery is why this show has been so popular in America. I can only assume it's because it's economic to stage, tells people what they already know and deals with the subject of sex without a quiver of eroticism, or even the faintest hint that it may occur between people of the same gender. In short, an evening of safe, prophylactic theatre," Michael Billington, The Guardian.

Where You Can See It

At the Comedy Theatre, Panton Street, London SW1 (0171-369 1731) to 9 Oct