The Information On: `Julius Caesar'

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What Is It?

Mark Rylance's new, all-male staging of Julius Caesar - one of the first Shakespeare plays to be performed in the newly built Globe 400 years ago - kicks off an "anniversary season" at the venue.

Who's In It?

While the audience takes on the role of the mob, Richard Bremmer is a suitably lean and dangerous Cassius, and Danny Sapani is convincing as the young Brutus. With Mark Lewis Jones as Mark Anthony and Paul Shelley as Caesar.

What They Say About It

"A decent rather than an exciting Julius Caesar. It would be good to see a production at the Globe that had had the attention of a top-league director," Paul Taylor, The Independent.

"The most satisfying production at the Globe to date; reassuring proof that the Globe is as hospitable to serious drama as it is to rompish comedy," Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph.

"Roll up for Shakespeare Without Tears; also without philosophy, without tragedy, without elegance, without power, without stillness," Alistair Macauley, The Financial Times.

Where You Can See It

Julius Caesar is at Shakespeare's Globe, Bankside, London SE1 (0171-401 9919) to 21 Sept.