The Information on: Plunkett and Macleane

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What Is It?

The debut feature from Jake Scott, the 33-year-old British video director who is now hoping to shrug off the `son of Ridley' tag. It is essentially an 18th-century swashbuckler, but this time the wigs, breeches and corsets have been updated with the addition of hard-hitting techno beats and technical wizardry as the eponymous dandy highwaymen team up to relieve the aristocracy of their riches. Plotwise, the poster line says it all: "They rob the rich... and that's it".

Who's In It?

Teeming with fashionable acting talent: Plunkett and Macleane are played by Robert Carlisle (right) and Jonny Lee Miller, reuniting Trainspotting's Begbie and Sick Boy, while love interest is provided in the form of Liv Tyler - daughter of Aerosmith's Steve, star of blockbuster Armageddon - sporting the now de rigueur British accent. Ken Stott, Michael Gambon, Alan Cumming and even Shooting Stars' George Dawes put in an appearance.

What They Say About It

"This thing stands, just about, but it doesn't deliver" Anthony Quinn, The Independent. "It's Lock, Stock and two eighteenth-century Smoking Barrels" Charles Gant, Heat. "Anachronisms rip huge holes in an already flimsy plot" James Christopher, The Times. "Less Tom Jones for the rave generation than a kind of Adam Ant highwayman movie for those too young to remember him and his looks" Xan Brooks, The Big Issue.

Where You Can See It

Opens today at cinemas nationwide.

Beatrice Hodgkin