The Information on: Scritti Politti's `Anomie & Bonhomie'

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What Is It?

The first album from Green Gartside - the Welsh singer-songwriter who is Scritti Politti - since 1988's Provision. Something of an achievement by all accounts, Gartside has updated his melodious soul-influenced pop with injections of contemporary rap and hip hop as exemplified by the current single, "Tinseltown to the Boogiedown".

What They Say About It

"Listening to these 11 immaculately presented songs, you think it possible that the entire decade has been spent polishing them to their present lustre," Andy Gill, The Independent.

"It takes a special kind of talent to name your band after a book by an Italian intellectual, release a song called "Jacques Derrida" and survive two decades. Gartside, clearly, is still groovy after all these years," Sharon O'Connell, The Times.

"Smooth, melodic, lush, rhythmically and stylistically varied... From a man who has spent much of the past decade in the pub, this is a remarkably focused collection," David Cheal, The Daily Telegraph.

Where You Can Get It

Anomie & Bonhomie is on release on Virgin Records.