THE INFORMATION on: 'The Eurythmics'

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What Is It?

An early Christmas gift for Amnesty International and Greenpeace, who will share all the profits from Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox's 10-date reunion tour. And another opportunity for thirtysomethings to pretend that they're 19 again.

Has it Really Been 11 Years?

Afraid so. From their early-Eighties electro-twiddling to late-1980's AOR, the Eurythmics left behind probably the decade's most impressive back-catalogue. They last played in Britain in 1988, and split up soon afterwards.

Can They Still Cut It?

"If anything, the Eurythmics enjoyed their get together a little too much. This chummy, self-congratulatory jamboree relaxed the tension between cold-hearted android and hot-blooded human that made the Eurythmics unique. But the people who bopped and sang along all around me didn't see it that way," Nicholas Barber, Independent On Sunday.

"Stewart still sports his trademark shades but goes nowhere near a keyboard all night, instead chopping chords and picking spangly codas from a success of exotic guitars. Lennox, meanwhile, proves she still has the voice to handle [the] old hits," Neil Spencer, The Observer.

"A prime selection of numbers from one of the great sugar-pop canons. Lennox possesses an ocean liner of a voice; she's magnificent when in full flow, if not always nimble, but this was one of her finest performances," Simon Briggs, The Daily Telegraph.

Where Can You Catch Them?

The Eurythmics play Manchester Arena (0161-930 8000) on Friday and Saturday, Wembley Arena (0181-902 0902) on 3-4 Dec, and Docklands Arena (0171-538 1212) on 6 Dec