The Information on: `The League Against Tedium'

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What Is It?

Simon Munnery (right, aka Alan Parker, Urban Warrior) has come up with a refreshingly alternative, if barking, alternative world vision - a blend of stand-up and gadgetry - in which the audience are "scum" and Munnery is "the High Pope of Nietzschean camp". His bizarre ruminations range from "That which does not kill us makes us stronger - Frosties, par example..." to "Many are prepared to suffer for their art. Few are prepared to learn to draw."

What They Say About It

"... a deeply original act. After all, which other comedian can you imagine engaging in a philosophical knock-knock gag with the animated image of Wittgenstein?" James Rampton, The Independent.

"A dizzy ride through the contents of Munnery's oversized brain... In these days of Big Train, League of Gentlemen, and Smack the Pony, there has to be a place for Simon Munnery," Chris Maume, The Independent on Sunday.

"The League, juvenile or not, is in a different class from most of Munnery's peers," Alexander Games, Evening Standard.

Where You Can See It

The League Against Tedium is at the Lyric Studio, London W6 (0181-741 2311), to 19 June