The model for things to come?

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Slowly, slowly the reasons for not paying for Sky are whittled away. Tonight (9pm, Sky One) comes another; Models Inc, the latest glossy soap from the Spelling stable. There are those of us who have worn black since Alexis plunged over the bannister in the last episode of Dynasty: there hasn't been a melodrama since to match it. Now - just maybe - the wait is over.

In the first episode of Models Inc another overdressed harpy howls her way, arms waving, to the ground. This time it's Terri, the self-proclaimed "most beautiful woman in America", who tipsily tips off a penthouse balcony at the party to celebrate her leaving Linda Gray's agency. Who pushed her? The spurned boyfriend whose career she destroyed? The passed-over sister? Australian rival Julie? Earlier, Julie has slept with Josh, photographer and all-round bad egg, in the hope of getting some photos. "Don't I get a kiss goodbye?" she asks as he ushers her from the studio. "Do I have to take the cigar out of my mouth?" he snaps.

Or was it Linda herself, boss and "mother to all her girls"? Gray must be revelling in her new role. There is still the occasional Sue Ellen lip wobble, but this woman has a heart of steel. In reception two days after the murder, she says: "Replace Terri's photo with Sara's by tomorrow, would you?" Then does a little shrug and pout. "Well," she simpers, "it's sad, but life goes on." Heaven.