The Sunday Preview: Exploiting the free movement of labour

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THERE is a single currency in Europe and it's called dance. Tanz Werk Statt Europa, or Dance Workshop Europe, brings together young choreographers from four EC countries and invites them to make work around the same theme. This year, the third, the choreographers are Claire Russ (UK, above), Veerle Bakelants (Belgium), Urs Dietrich (Germany), and Christine Marneffe (France). Their pieces on the theme of 'removals' were shown in Munich last week and will be performed in London, Antwerp, Ghent and Angers. Claire Russ's sensuous Heirs and Graces is about the removal of clothing, stripping away and being, about the past and future of a strange family that may be rural or may perhaps inhabit a royal court. (The Place, London, WC1, 071-387 0031, Tues & Wed.)

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