The Sunday Preview: The five best exhibitions

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Georges Braque (Tate Gallery, 071-821 1313, to 27 June). Almost complete collection of his prints. Beautiful.

Gillian Ayres (Purdy Hicks, 071-237 6062, to 26 June). Exuberant yet searching paintings, her most impressive show for years.

Tradition and Revolution in French Art (National Gallery, 071-839 3321, to 11 July). Pictures from the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Lille, including David, Delacroix, Chardin and Courbet.

Permeations: Light in the Attic (South London Gallery, 071-703 6120, to 20 June). Odd, interesting collection, mainly of prints, including Manet.

The Sixties (Barbican Art Gallery, 071-638 8891, to Sunday). Last chance to see this exasperating, but well-meaning, attempt to catch the spirit of the fun decade.