The Sunday Review: The five best plays

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Anna Karenina (Tricycle, 071-328 1000). Helen Edmundson's masterly reworking of Tolstoy's novel with a stunning Anna by Teresa Banham.

Artists and Admirers (Pit, 071-638 8891). Ostrovsky's social comedy of actresses and stage-door Vladimirs.

No Man's Land (Comedy, 071-867 1045). Mind-opening revival of Harold Pinter's 1975 masterpiece, with Paul Eddington and the author.

Trelawny of the 'Wells' (Olivier, 071- 928 2252). Shrewdly affectionate revival of Pinero's elegiac comedy, achieving ensemble sensitivity from a pack of rampaging egoists.

The Last Yankee (Young Vic, 071-928 6363, to 27 Mar). Arthur Miller's resonant comedy of clinical depression, superbly acted by Zoe Wanamaker and Peter Davison.