Cultural Life: Sarah Lamb, ballerina


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Dance: I saw the Nederlands Dans Theater 2 at Sadler's Wells, which was fantastic. The dancers are all aged between 17 and 23, and the final work in the triple bill was Paul Lightfoot's 'Passe-Partout'. The quality of movement was amazing, showing the fluidity, grace and capabilities of human bodies. Modern dance at its best.

Film: I thought George Clooney was great in 'The Descendants'. It is a great family film – the scenes showing a father's inability to connect with his teenagers were very realistic. I don't think 'The Artist' was so deep, but I'm glad it won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Television: I'm a huge fan of Werner Herzog, and am watching his 'Death Row' four-part documentary on 4OD. I've been vehemently anti-capital punishment my whole life. I wrote a number of papers on it in school. I feel really strongly about the absolute capriciousness of capital punishment in America. I'm glad this is being shown in the UK, even if the death penalty has been abolished here. It's important to think about how we treat people – even the worst.

Books: I'm reading a couple of books. One is Orhan Pamuk's 'The Museum of Innocence'. It's a love story set in Turkey in the 1970s. I'm about 500 of 750 pages through it and it's getting a bit slow now. But I enjoyed Jonathan Franzen's 'Freedom' a bit more. I read voraciously since I don't have a TV at home. I'll pick up a book if I have even just a few minutes spare. I love reading 'The New Yorker' from cover to cover as they have such incredible articles and I'm obsessed with the reviews.

Sarah Lamb is dancing the lead role in 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' until 16 April at the Royal Opera House. She is also dancing in 'Polyphonia' as part of a triple bill from 5 April. (